Many people think that five reasons to visit a place are more than enough, especially if their stay is rather short. Hopefully you’ll agree with our list, presented in no particular order. Attitash Grand Summit Hotel is expecting guests year round, therefore timing shouldn’t be a problem. If you don’t like kids, you should be warned that this is a hotel that accepts children as well.


Getting a beauty treatment at the spa

Some of us have busy schedules and forget to take care of ourselves, or we do it in a hurry. Going to the spa is not only beneficial for our beauty, but our bodies and soul as well. There are many types of treatments to look forward to, including Swedish and hot stone massages, or acne clearing facial procedures. Feeling pampered is a given, and you’ll go home feeling rejuvenated and less stressed.


Lots of skiing trails

You may have realized already that this hotel is located at the base of a mountain. That’s not all as it caters mostly to snow lovers. There are many skiing trails to explore and to try out. Those who don’t know how to ski, can stop by the learning center for the basics and more. There is more, because you won’t ski on one mountain, but on two: Attitash and Bear Peak. Both have chair lifts up to the top. What’s more, is that they’re connected through a pass, making it easier for you to to access them both.


The terrain parks have more to offer

While in the park, you’ll still have lots of snow related activities to enjoy and partake in. The difference is that you can free style, no matter it is skiing or snowboarding. The skiing trails might feel a bit restrictive for your free spirit. What’s more is that everyone coming with you, can have fun together. You’ll make use of the many jumping platforms and obstacles, so you can showcase and improve your skills on snow.


Have fun in the summer too

If you’re one of those that don’t like winter, cold, and snow, you’ll be happy toy can visit in summer as well. Most likely you’ll enjoy the skiing trails for activities such as hiking or sliding. It is here you can find two really long slides running side by side. The slides are over one mile long each, and you can enjoy them on a sled. You go out the mountain on a chair lift and come back down on the slide. This activity can be enjoyed by children as well, as long as they’re at least three years old.


To have fun in seasonal festivals

The festival standing out the most is Oktoberfest, taking place in October, as you may have guessed. You’ll be able to enjoy lots of free Bavarian music and to check out the Biergarten. This is where you’ll find most unique ciders and seasonal beers from the best local breweries. The festival is opened to everyone, of all ages as there is also a children’s area where many age appropriate activities are available.