The Jack O’Lantern Resort is best known as a golf club, however there is much more than meets the eye when visiting. You don’t have to know or even like golf to stay for a night or two at this resort, but you can learn how this sport is played, or just enjoy one of the many other attractions and activities available in the area. Let’s learn more about the resort, shall we?


Learn or practice some golf

As mentioned, here it’s where you can find a really good golf course and academy. You don’t have to bring your golfing equipment with you for the pro shop has everything you need to go out and swing your golf club. The course has 18 holes with various difficulty levels, and one thing they have in common is the outstanding views. All the holes are well maintained, and easily reachable in a golf cart.


Tie the knot

This resort is quite popular among those who want to say their vows in an unforgettable surrounding. You can host the ceremony outside having gorgeous backgrounds for your wedding’s pictures, and the party inside without fearing the weather ruining the day. It’ not just weddings that can take place in such a beautiful place, but other types of events and social gatherings as well. Make sure to call in advance for an available date, as some days are more popular than others.


Family friendly resort

If you’re already married and have a family of your own, perhaps you want to spend some quality time together. This resort is one of the place where you can have just that. The kids have a specially designed playground, therefore you can be certain they will be busy throughout the day and not get bored or disturb other guests. You can also play some arcade games with them, in the game room if you want. There are kid friendly attractions around the resort as well, if the ones on site are not enough.


Go for a hike

The area is very beautiful and is well worth exploring on foot. You have the possibility of seeing a stunning waterfall at the Sabbaday Falls. Apparently, the hike to this location is the most popular one, but not the only one. Most, if not all the hiking trails are well maintained, to make your trip a little bit easier and more enjoyable. The property itself has much shorter hiking trails which can be more than enough for some of the guests, and can be a great way of ending the day.


Enjoy the water

Even if you’re in a mountainous area, it doesn’t mean you can’t go for a swim. The Jack O’Lantern Resort has two pools, and one of them is covered, for use throughout the year. However, if you want something more exciting, you should be thrilled to learn about the water park near this resort. All you have to do is to ask the staff about the Whale’s Tale and you’ll immediately be shown the way.