There are not many people who like to travel in autumn, however there are several places worth visiting in this season. Those locations are renown for the amazing views they offer when the leaves change color. The resort at Misty Harbor and Barefoot Beach in Gilford, New Hampshire is one of those places. This resort can be visited at any time of the year, and here are its top attractions!

On site recreational activities
There are many activities you can enjoy without leaving this resort as it has a number of facilities for a variety of sports. For instance you can choose to play tennis, basketball, volleyball or even shuffleboard! If you like spending time in the water, you must check out the pools: be it the indoor or the outdoor pool! This is not all, because you can do even more on the private sandy beach of the resort.

Plenty of water fun to partake in
Spending time by the pool can become boring at times and you may want to try something different. The resort is located by a lake, where the guests have a lot f fun in the summer months. You can go sailing, boating, windsurfing, and more. The public boat launches are near the resort, and you’re sure to find something to your liking. Make sure to bring your camera as well for the breathtaking views on the lake.

You can have lots of fun in winter as well
While you’ll be able to enjoy the indoor pool in winter, you should really try the slopes nearby at Gunstock Ski area. It really doesn’t matter if you want to practice your downhill skiing or crosscountry skiing, as you can do both. Snowboarding and snowshoeing are also possible here. Some might want to ride a snowmobile, and they shouldn’t even look any further as they can rent one here. There are plenty of snowmobile trails to choose from, and fun will follow.

Enjoy the nature as you please
Many people want to be closer to nature when they go on a vacation. While you don’t come here for camping, you can explore miles of hiking trails. Not only can you go on foot, but you can also ride a bike: you can travel faster, therefore saving time, and be less tired when you return to your room. There is one more way to enjoy nature: by playing golf. The golf courses can easily be found near the resort.

Organize a small event
At this resort, the guests have an indoor facility that can accommodate up to 50 sitting people. This is more than enough for a rather small wedding or a family reunion. If you don’t want to organize a sitting event, then up to 150 people can come and have fun with you. Whatever you need must be discussed and bookmarked ahead of time. Given the stunning views that can be used a s backdrop for the pictures taken at the event or party, this resort is worth giving a chance.