Read on in order to learn the five reasons to go to Howard Johnson Inn & Suites.

Pool and swimming
The hotel comes equipped with a modern pool that both children and adults can use. Consider going for a swim at the end of the day in order to relax, or in the morning before you start exploring the area. The pool includes towels and chairs, and is the perfect place to go whenever you want to feel refreshed.

The resort’s facilities
Each room is equipped with a spa bathroom and a Jacuzzi, and the rooms feature internet access and free video games. If you feel tired and don’t feel like going out, head over to the game room. The game room offers table games as well as video games, and you can spend some time with your friends enjoying them together.

Breakfast and dinner
Howard Johnson Inn offers casual dining and a buffet breakfast. If you need something extra, check out the all American breakfast or the continental breakfast. The buffet includes tea of coffee, delicious pancakes, bacon, and of course cereals. Dinner reservations can be made if you want to get a taste of the area’s traditional cuisine.

The business center
Howard Johnson Inn is a casual hotel, however it features a spacious business room equipped with all the latest technology. The scenic mountain views provide the ideal backdrop for a meeting, anniversary or other private event.

Shopping and exploring
You will not get bored of this area anytime soon, as it encompasses varied entertainment options and tourist attractions. Shop til your drop at the mall located 30 minutes away, or check out the numerous gift shops placed nearby. Your trip will become that more exciting and fun. If you want to do grocery shopping, many convenience stores are situated a few minutes away.