Located at the east of Dallas capital of the Texas state, Mesquite was founded in 1878 on a land next to the Texas & Pacific Railway. With a very much passion to rodeo, these are the top 10 places to visit in Mesquite:

Mesquite Championship Rodeo
Known as the Rodeo Capital of Texas, Mesquite offers with pride the rodeo arena. Every Friday and Saturday nights the doors open to be witness of an exhilarating challenge men try to take by facing bulls.

Dirty Racing
Have the possibility of riding along or driving in a Dirt Late Model car and feel the adrenaline of going at 100 mph (160 Km/h). Feel the thrill of getting real dirty at the fastest speed possible, or dare to leave your fate in the hands of a professional driver there.

City Lake Park
Founded in 1978, the park was built around a small lake, where wild ducks and other animals visit. The facilities include a swimming pool, a 0.5 mile hike and bike trail, a picnic area, and areas to play tennis and baseball.

Motley Cemetery
This local landmark attracts people because it contains the final remains of the first Motleys, one of the founding families of Mesquite. They arrived in 1856 and 25 of its family members are buried there with some of their slaves.

Arts Center
A beautiful architectural structure is the hub of the art scene in Mesquite. Local art exhibitions, concerts, festival and audiovisual projections make part of the extensive repertoire of possibilities the place offers.

Learn to flight an airplane
Visit Mesquite Metro Airport and give yourself a treat by learning to flight an airplane. If time does not allow you, then rent an aerial tour to see the city from high above, and keep the flying lessons in time for when you go back.

Florence Ranch Homestead
This historical ranch will take you back in time to how locals lived at the end of the 1800s. Built even two years before the foundation of the town, the homestead owners raised animals and crops, and its architecture portrays late 19th century rural Texas architecture. The house was most likely built by carpenters and local family and friends.

Antique Gallery Mesquite
This antique store allocates in 36,000 square feet (3.300 m2) one of a kind findings from 160 dealers. Their treasures are being brought daily and include vintage jewelry, clocks, religious artifacts, records, and almost anything your imagination may hold.

Heard Wildlife Sanctuary
An hour north to Mesquite, and totally worth it, the 289-acre protected area hosts hundreds of plants, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. Hike over the 6.5 miles trails, learn by paddling about the aquatic ecosystem, discover the impact of seasons in wildlife of these amazing place.

Explore your artistic side and pay a visit to this place. Allow yourself for two hours to express your inner side among other fellow participants, and relax and have fun while letting your mind quiet and your hands do all the expressing.