Miramar is a relatively young city in Florida, as its history starts back in 1953. Nowadays it is considered an important city for the Miami metropolitan area. You can find out more about the attractions in or around Miramar.

Flamingo Estates Park
Relaxation should be the first thing to think about when visiting a new city. This park has facilities for a variety of sports, all of them designed to help you relax. You can rent a field to play softball or baseball, or one for basketball among others.

Miramar Regional Park
Unlike the previous park, this one has a few more facilities, including a pavilion, a tennis court, and even a swimming pool. This park looks more like a country club from the outside and it will soon even have an amphitheatre.

Botanical Garden
Many people like to go to the Botanical Garden to see a nice selections of plants from all over the world. What not many people is that this Botanical Garden can be rented for private parties and special meetings.

Ansin Family Art Gallery
Having access to fine art can be difficult in some communities or small cities. This is not the case for the residents of Miramar as the Ansin Family Art Gallery gives them the possibility of seeing the works of established artists in a really special looking setting.

Museum of Discovery and Science
This museum may not be in Miramar, but it is relatively close by. Science is a lot of fun especially for the little ones and a trip to here might be well worth the effort. Just don’t be surprised if your kid will suddenly want to become a scientist.

The beach
Miramar was created as a community for families, and not as a tourist destination. This means its beach is less crowded than those in bigger or near-by cities. Everyone will know to point you to the beach.

Miramar Youth Enrichment Center
This center has a good selection of facilities and it is a good place to bring your kids to if they’re old enough and you want them to discover new passions or skills. The computer lab and the conference room are among the center’s selling points.

The Surfside Spa
If you feel your body too sore or your mind can’t stop racing, then a spa visit might help you. This spa has a professional staff and special treatments will definitely make everything go away.

Track Family Recreation Center
This center is yet again not in Miramar, but you won’t have a hard time finding it. Just like the name indicates you should bring the whole family for an unforgettable experience. This is the place to let your kids play arcade games while you go bungee jumping.

Burnt Pine Golf Club
This golf course is designed mostly for the more experienced player. The landscaping is simply beautiful and you will most likely discover lots of things worth taking a picture of. Don’t be surprised to pass through pine tree forests or wetlands while trying to play.