Located at the south of the Californian State, Orange is a particular city that kept most of the pre 1920s buildings when other cities were demolishing in the 1960s. With a rich natural area and historical infrastructure, these are the top 10 places to visit in Orange, California:


Old Towne, Orange Historic District

The one square-mile around the original plaza of Orange, it’s a vibrant commercial district with Orange’s oldest bank and operating soda fountain. Registered as a National Historical Place, the area maintains the original architecture of the time.


Orange County Zoo

Located at Irvine Park, the zoo is home to plants and animals native to the southwest of the United States. Over 33 species, and more than 100 animals call this land home. Visitors will delight on black bears, mountain lions, bald eagles, and more.


Irvine Park

This 160-acre (65 Ha) regional park offers a wide range of attractions. From hiking, to horse riding, to volleyball sets, to paddle, to pony rides and to the Orange County Zoo; this park offers an outdoors scenario for infinite possibilities.


Peters Canyon Regional Park

The park is a magnificent place for hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrian. They can enjoy the beautiful view of the canyon, the trails next to the lake, and explore and encounter some of the diverse fauna and flora of the place.


The Exchange Fine Arts Gallery

Built in 1922, the building hosts now a Fine Arts Gallery with an Italian Renaissance interior. The place is a historical landmark which hosts modern art from the 20s and 30s and which is surrounded by gorgeous gardens which will delight visitors.


Grijalva Community Park

Previously owned by Spanish soldier Grijalva, the ranch was a pioneer in adobe construction. Now, though the house is not longer standing the park serves as a hub for runners, joggers and people who want to share a good time in the sports center.


Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary

Located on the Santa Ana Mountains, this natural reserve serves as an educational hub and paradise for thousands of birds, other animals and plants. Three natural trails offer visitors a close look to the inhabitant’s natural environments.


Santiago Oaks Regional Park and Nature Center

Along Santiago Creek, in this 1,300 acre (530 ha) park wildlife is abundant; a paradise for nature lovers who enjoy hiking, biking, or riding horses. A 2011 project planted 200 oak trees, which now add to the beauty of the place.


Arden Helena Modjeska Historic House and Gardens

This 100-century old house was named after the Forest of Arden in Shakespeare’s play ‘As You Like It’ for its resemblance. This national landmark opens its doors to the public for historical tours and to get a glimpse of its magnificent gardens in the live oak grove area.


Pitch Park

Formerly a home and a farm, this old town piece of land is a peaceful park known by few in the city. It is currently home to a Fire Museum and a memorabilia to Orange’s agricultural roots.