Meaning ‘valley’ in Chippewa, one of the largest Native American indigenous groups, Pasadena is located northeast to Los Angeles, in the state of California. Known also as Rose City due to the Roses Parade and Stadium, and also known for its many scientific and cultural institutions, these are the top 10 places to visit in Pasadena, California:


Rose Parade

Annually, on New Year’s Day, for 8 mi (13 Km) some of Pasadena’s streets hosts one of USA’s biggest parade. During the parade you can see flower covered floats, marching bands, and equestrian units. It is a celebration to show the world Californian paradise and natural richness.


Rose Bowl Game

Following the Rose Parade, it is the highest attended college football bowl game. It is now known as the granddaddy of them all for being the oldest bowl celebrated, since 1902, receives almost 100,000 attendees who will be able to enjoy not only the much loved game, but the whole atmosphere and excitement of attending the game.


Norton Museum

With magnificent and world acclaimed collections from Europe, South and Southeast Asia, the previously personally owned collection is offers not only the spectacular collection but also a magnificent unconventional building, and delightful gardens for everyone who goes.


Gamble House

Originally designed as a winter residence, this is a masterpiece of the Arts and Crafts movement. Influenced by traditional Japanese aesthetics and by California’s spaciousness and weather, the architecture focuses on the use of natural materials, attention to details, aesthetics, and craftsmanship. The house is open for tours and even picnics.


Jet Propulsion Laboratory

The leading center for robotic space exploration opens its doors on a daily basis to share with its visitors the lab activities and accomplishments, and gives a closer look to the Spaceflight Operations facility, NASA’s Deep Space Network control room; and the very same Spacecraft Assembly Facilities.


Strawberry Peak

Located 10 mi (16 Km) north of Pasadena, it is a prominent peak in the San Gabriel Mountains. An 11 mi (18 Km) trail that can get a 2700 ft (820 m) elevation gives hikers a 7-hour trip of steep slopes and thick bushes.


Pasadena Playhouse

It is a historic arts venue built in the period of Little Theater Movement, experimental centers free from standard production mechanisms from prominent theaters. The theater keeps on presenting artistic galas on a cozy and wonderful atmosphere.


Pasadena Museum of California Art

This art museum showcases art originating from the free spirit and experimentation of Californian artists. The museum does not house a permanent collection but many temporary exhibitions.


Pacific Asia Museum

Though undergoing a seismic refitting the place holds 15,000 rare and representative pieces of Art from Asia and Pacific Islands. In addition to the exquisite arts exhibit, the building is a national landmark historic place and with magnificent gardens. Scheduled re-opening May 2017.


Old Pasadena

Being the original commercial center of Pasadena, it is now host of numerous city referents such as the Art Museum, the Norton Simon Museum, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory; among others.