If you want to know more about the 10 places to visit in Richmond, read on for some info. This city, although not very large, provides many things to do and see that you may like. You may want to come here again next year or maybe even sooner than that.

World War II Home Front National Historical Park
This park is one of the city’s main tourist attractions and a truly inspiring place. The park provides a lot of relaxing moments, statues but is also the place where you can do people watching and read a cool book.

Point Isabel
Point Isabel is mainly a dog park, however its beautiful setting makes it perfect for a walk. In addition to that, the area is a good backdrop for some amazing photography. The park is free to visit, and your little furry friend will be able to play to their heart’s content.

Point Pinole
The Point offers spectacular views over the bay but also over the city. Whenever you are in the mood for pictures or be active, head over here for a few hours and you will not regret it.

Marina Bay Trail
Maybe you want to go biking or hiking, so head over to the Marina Bay Trail. The cool trail is suitable for both beginners but also professional hikers. Maybe you just want to go on a ride with your bike, and this option is available too.

SS Red Oak Victory
If you want to learn more about World War 2, check out the SS Red Oak Victory ship. This ship is still renovating, but will become soon one of the most exciting attractions of the city.

Wildcat Canyon Regional Park
The Regional Park gives you the chance to engage in birdwatching if that is your favorite activity. In addition to that, you will get to have amazing views over the river and even encounter wild animals along the way.

The Craneway Pavilion
Maybe you want to learn some history, and if you also love art make sure to check out The Craneway Pavilion. Here you will get to see amazing paintings displayed by local artists, and spend some hours enjoying the views.

Century 16 Hilltop
The Hilltop shows the newest and best movies in town, and makes for the perfect evening setting with your family. The cinema is luxurious and provides a glamorous setting to any movie lover who visits.

Riggers Loft Wine Company
Maybe you want to engage in some wine tasting activity, and in that case make sure to check out the Riggers Loft Wine Company. Here you can take a wine tasting tour, and enjoy the different available wine types.

Miller Knox Regional Shoreline
This park is located by the ocean, and provides amazing walk opportunities for anyone interested. The air is fresh, and the ocean views will make your time worthwhile. In addition to that, the shoreline is free to visit at anytime, so make sure to see it while in town.