Located in the heart of the New York State, and named after the Italian City, it is the largest of the 7 ‘Syracuse’ cities in the United States. Known as Salt City due to the salty springs in the area, these are the top 10 places to visit in Syracuse, NY:


Rosamond Gifford Zoo

Home to more than 700 animals on 43 acres (17 Ha), the zoo offers a close look to even large animals like the Asian elephants, even during the winter season. Besides the experience with animals, the zoo offers a café and a gift shop.


Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology

Located downtown, the MOST is a hands-on museum that takes people of all ages to explore science and technology. In addition to the fascinating exhibitions, visitors can test their strength and coordination climbing a wall, watch movies in their only domed IMAX theater, and marvel with the exploration of space in the Silverman Planetarium.


Everson Museum of Art

A work of art on its own the museum holds a permanent 11,000-piece exhibition of mainly modern and contemporary art of the United States. In addition to temporary exhibitions, the museum holds a film festival in summer, and it is a paradise for skaters.


Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Built in 1874 the church is the motherhouse for the catholic diocese in Syracuse. The landmark has a gothic revival architectural style, and besides spiritual services, holds musicals and concerts performed by groups from the community.


Green Lakes State Park

Located 9 miles (14 Km) east of downtown, the two glacial lakes offers 15 miles of trails that can be used by cross country skiers, an 18-hole golf course, and unique environmental conditions to get marveled. Surrounded by upland forest, the superficial and deep waters of the lakes never mix. This peculiarity creates a completely unique type of life around it.


Landmark Theater

It is a historic theater from the movie palaces era in the 20s, were movie theaters were large and elaborately decorated. It is the only survivor of such, and continues to be the hosts of a variety of talks, concerts, and other artistic and entertaining events.


Oakwood Cemetery

Built in 1859, the 160-acre (65 ha) historic place is a great representation of landscape architecture, where the design of outdoor public areas was carefully studied to achieve environmental, social-behavioral, and aesthetic harmony.


Clark Reservation State Park

Located 15 minutes southeast to the city, the state park offers rugged cliffs, meadows, and a glacial lake. Hikers may choose from five trails, including a cliff trail that has a 175-feet (53 m) ledge overlooking water.


Clinton Square

Touched by the Erie Canal, Clinton Square served as the original town center and busy commerce and trade spot on 1825. Nowadays, the place holds outdoors events and festivals popular among the locals.


Elmwood Park

The 65-acre park is an ideal place for jogging, filled with amazing natural beauty. Natural waters, rugged landforms, and forested slopes surround the trails that have plenty of structures like bridges, stairs, and weirs.