Toronto is the most populace city in Canada and also holds the title as the capital of Ontario. It is situated on Lake Ontario which has helped to develop it as a city of both commerce and culture. Many find Toronto to be one of the most beautiful cities in Northern America and unique in its mixture of differing cultures. Below are five destinations you should be sure to visit while staying in Toronto.

CN Tower
The CN Tower was once the tallest building in the world. It still is worth visiting as it offers a beautiful panoramic view of the entire skyline of Toronto. For dare devils there is also an additional five foot wide ledge you can venture onto resting over a thousand feet above the ground.

Niagara Falls
One of the most well known waterfalls in the world, Niagara Falls is located a short drive outside of the city. There are boat tours available as well as viewing areas where you can behold this wonder of the natural world. There are also helicopter tours available for those who want to get an even closer look at the falls.

Toronto Islands
The Toronto Islands are a park like environment offering a variety of activities from disk golf to nudist beaches. This is an especially popular location during the summer to cool off and relax.

Royal Ontario Museum
Located in Toronto, the Royal Ontario museum is Canada’s largest collection of cultural artifact. This is a great place to brush up on your Canadian history as well as learn some new and interesting information.

Casa Loma
Casa Loma is located on a hill overlooking Toronto. It was modeled after medieval castles and contains over five acres of magnificent gardens on its grounds. The home is open to tours where you can view some of its 98 rooms.