Becoming loyal customers to a resort that is opened year round, is easy, especially if the guests find things to do at any given time. It also helps when there are attraction near the resort as well, not just at the resort.

You can start getting fit
Most of us need an extra push when it comes to changing our unhealthy habits. At times, that extra push can come in the form of having a gym facility near us, where we can go at any time. This resort has a fitness center for its guests, and it’s equipped with everything you need to start working out. Of course, if you already go to a gym on a regular basis, or are already on a workout routine, knowing about the fitness center can ease your mind as you won’t have to skip days. Yoga classes are also available for those interested or who want to check this practice out.

Explore the surroundings
If you live in a big city you shouldn’t need be told twice about how good it can make you feel if you go out for a walk. this resort is right at the border of the White Mountain National Forest, giving you lot of trails to explore on foot. Having a camera with you will also prove useful if you spot some nice birds or landscapes.

Come here year round
As the resort is near a mountain, you can only hope it stays open in winter as well, and luckily it does. This is not all, because if you love winter ports you can come here and then hop on a shuttle bus to take you right at the skiing slopes in the area. The shuttle service is complimentary, therefore this is not an expense you should worry about. You can go skiing, snowshoeing, riding snowmobiles, or even sleds.

Lots of activities to enjoy
Every week, the staff of the resort organizes a series of activities and events for the guests to participate in. These can be various tours of the surrounding area, snowshoeing, movie nights, indoor rock climbing, and so on. Some of the activities are free of charge while for others you’ll have to pay. What’s certain though, is that you need to sign up in advance because there is a limited number of available spots.

Enjoy the water
We all know that water has three states, and you can enjoy all of them, for a series of benefits. This resort has both an indoor and an outdoor pool, therefore you can go swim at any time during your stay, no matter the temperature or weather outside. While you already learned about enjoying the liquid and solid state, you probably don’t know you can take advantage of the water in gas form – steam. The sauna is where you can go at the end of the day to warm your body up after a long day on the slopes. At the same time, if you hiked all day, the sauna can help you relax and rest better at night, so you should check it out!