Poker Hands Rank


Instantly flush , 5 playing cards of the identical match in sequence, which include 76543 of hearts. Ranked by using the pinnacle poker card, in order that akqjt is the first-rate straight flush, also known as a royal flush . The ace can play low to make 5432a, the bottom instantly flush.

Four of a type , 4 poker cards of the equal rank followed by means of a “kicker”, like 44442. Ranked via the quads, so that 44442 beats 3333k, after which ranked by way of the aspect poker card, so that 4444a beats 4444k(*).

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Complete residence , three poker cards of one rank observed through two of every other, inclusive of 777jj. Ranked through the journeys, in order that 44422 beats 333aa, and then ranked by the pair, in order that 444aa beats 444kk(*).

Flush , 5 poker playing cards of the equal suit, which includes aj942 of hearts. Ranked by way of the pinnacle poker card, and then with the aid of the next poker card, and so forth for all five poker playing cards, in order that aj942 beats aj876. Fits are not used to break ties.

Straight , five poker playing cards in series, such as 76543. The ace plays both high or low, making akqjt and 5432a. “across the corner” straights like 32akq are commonly no longer allowed.

Three of a kind , three poker playing cards of the identical rank and kickers of different ranks, which includes kkk84. Ranked by way of the trips, in order that kkk84 beats qqqak, and then ranked through the 2 kickers, in order that qqqak beats qqqa7(*).

Pair , two poker playing cards of 1 rank, poker playing cards of every other rank and a kicker of a 3rd rank, including kk449. Ranked with the aid of the top pair, then the lowest pair and in the end the kicker, in order that kk449 beats any of qqjja, kk22q, and kk445.

One pair , poker playing cards of one rank accompanied through three kickers of different ranks, along with aak53. Ranked via the pair, accompanied by means of each kicker in turn, in order that aak53 beats aak52.

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