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What is a 4×8 Aluminum Sheet


4×8 aluminum sheet is also known as 4×8 aluminum sheet. The “4 x 8” often refers to the width-to-length ratio of the metal sheet. 4′ denotes 4 feet, while 8′ denotes 8 feet. 1 foot Equals 304.8 mm, 4 feet = 1219 mm, and 8 feet = 2438 mm. As a result, the dimensions of the 4 x 8 aluminum sheet are 1219mm and 2438mm.

The aluminum sheet is available to wholesale distributors in a variety of sizes, including 4×8 sheets, 4×10 sheets, and 5×10 sheets. 4′ and 8′ denoted 4 and 8 feet, respectively. 1 foot equals 304.8 mm. The dimensions of a 4×8 aluminum sheet are 1219×2438 mm. 6.35 mm is equal to 1/4 inch.

In addition to dimension and thickness, the price of aluminum sheets is affected by alloy grades. As we all know, the 1000 series aluminum sheet is the most affordable owing to its easy manufacturing method. Aluminum sheets of various alloy grades have variable pricing even within the same series owing to differences in processing complexity. For example, among the 5000 series aluminum alloys, 5059 aluminum grades outperform all others.

Various Types of 4×8 Aluminum Sheet

Aluminum sheet with a colorful coating

After the aluminum sheet has been pretreated, a layer of liquid paint coating will be uniformly sprayed onto the surface of the aluminum sheet. Polyester, polyurethane, and PVDF are the most often used coating materials based on client specifications. There is a wholesale distributor nearby. 

This coil coating procedure has shown to be the most effective in terms of color finish and endurance. Because the PVDF-coated aluminum coil sheet has an excellent anti-fouling function, the covered item may remain clean for a longer period of time and can be simply wiped with water.

Sheet embossed with aluminum

It refers to a pattern on the surface of an aluminum plate. Despite the fact that the manufacturing procedure for this aluminum plate is rather difficult and the cost is considerable, it remains popular in the market. There are two primary reasons for this: on the one hand, the embossed 4 x8 aluminum sheet has a lovely look and a variety of designs; on the other hand, it has a noticeable anti-slip effect. The most common design is 5 bar aluminum tread plate.

Aluminum sheet with a brushed finish

  • It is a manufacturing method in which the aluminum plate is driven into the mold by external force and the lines are drawn out. The basic procedure is separated into three stages: de-esterification, sand milling, and water washing. This plate’s surface features a fine wire drawing texture and an oxide coating as compared to a standard aluminum plate.

Aluminum sheet with a mirror finish

  • A mirror aluminum plate is an aluminum plate that has been treated by rolling, grinding, and other procedures to create a mirror appearance on the plate’s surface. It’s often utilized in lighting reflection, décor, hardware signage, and other fields.

Use a thin 4 x 8 metal sheet

A 4 x 8 aluminum sheet is used for PS / CTP / ACP sheet bases, aluminum and plastic composite sheet/tube / bottle / water tank cover, curtain wall panel/ceiling panel/roof, refrigerator/air conditioner/vehicle/ship, and so on.

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